why summer is the worst season

Dear Bloglings, my blog may state that I've been postless for a few centuries, but actually my notebook has a different story. I've been working on a load of blog posts and have come up with entries about controversial issues, recipies, hauls, diys, awesome travel vloggers, top tens, a review or two AND how to get a tumblr-esque room. I'm so excited for what's to come!
Oh, and while I was away I discovered that I am hopelessly in love with sushi of the hosomaki kind, so you should expect a few posts featuring...


..and this...

..aaaand this.

As I said - hopelessly in love.

Anywhale, have you noticed the sunshine of everpending doom - or 'Summer', as some landwellers tend to call the catastrophe ahead of us - infiltrating our weather system?

I'm a December baby, so I guess it's not really a surprise that I'm an anti-Summer type of person. Even so, here I am ready to share my disgust with all you hot climate lovers (as in you love hot climates, not that you're good looking and also happen to be very interested in the state of the climate). You are oh so very welcome, my dear Bloglings.

#1. Your chocolate melts, which for (vegan, I am proud to say) chocoholics like me, is one of THE WORST THINGS to ever happen, because one second it's there but the next it's sitting in a puddle by your feet. Di-sas-ter.

#2. Exams exams exams exams exams exams exams exams exams.

#3. It's too hot to do anything where effort is needed. Oh so you want to walk the dog? Run around with your friends? Play hopscotch? TOO BAD.

#4. Everyone's all gross and sweaty unless they shower at least twice a day. Seriously. I go to a school with NO SHOWERS - there's a reason I don't stick around with people after gym class.

#5. Sunburns suck, especially when you're ghost-white like me and have an outside class for an hour.

#6. Hot beverages are unacceptable, even, gasp, hot chocolates.

#7. Crowded places = instant sauna.

#8. Cold drinks don't stay cold for long, neither does the ice stay solid.

#9. Hot showers are Representatives of the deepest pits of Hell.

#10. Bugs occupy everything, and a lot of those said bugs bite. But the thing is, you can't close your windows otherwise your whole house steams up and you fry like an overcooked rack of lamb.

#11. People wear clothing so minuscule it makes you question whether a bikini would be more appropriate. 

#12. Walking up hills is gruesome, if not a death wish.

#13. Water is needed all the time otherwise you'll just collapse like an unwatered venus fly trap.

#14. Your body sticks to leather furniture, unless of course you're wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt (in which case you probably won't survive the heat for much longer).

Except from the blue skies, I really see nothing cool about Summer (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? AHAHAHAHAHA).

#15. Soup is also unacceptable.

#16. You can't wear gloves, even if they're fingerless, as they'll more than likely look ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS (I'm looking at you, Lorde).

#17. Dark, heat absorbing clothing cannot ever be worn, even if you're a goth who calls himself, unironically, 'The Lord of Darkness'.

#18. People wear crocs and think it's okay (disclaimer - it really isn't).*

#19. Apparently creepers look, I quote, "weird" when worn with shorts, DESPITE THEM ACTUALLY LOOKING VERY TRENDY AND HIP.

#20. People get very hot and irritated (and irritating).

#21. Notes are sweated off your hands when you write down something you urgently need to remember otherwise your life will reside in ruins. You know the type.

Happy Summer everyone!

*Sorry if you're in the minority of people who do wear crocs. Who knows, you might even manage to pull them off. If so, let me know your secretttt!


  1. Ahahahahhahahhaha, this made me laugh so hard because 1) it is so relatable and 2) so true.
    You are basically me....


  2. Ugh, that is what I hate about summer: THE HEAT! Eeeww!!

  3. This is definitely relatable...buut, I'm a summer kind of girl myself. x) I HATE being cold and I'm currently freezing and huddled under all my quilts wishing my fingers weren't so cold. I can't wait until my country gets summer again. SEND ME YOUR HOT DAYS. No to crocs. Always no to crocs. And YES to sushi.

    1. That's the thing - lukewarm weather is nice, but when it drops to negative numbers I start to complain... and woo HIGH FIVE AGAINST CROCS AND FOR SUSHI!

  4. Hahaha, I like summer . . . although I admit to infinitely preferring the mild sort (which I've thankfully had so far). But I agree, melted chocolate is a tragedy.

    Personally, I don't care if hot drinks and soup are unacceptable summer fare. Isn't that why we have air conditioning?

    1. ugh, totally! and you know what? that is now my excuse for consuming hot beverages!

  5. Hehe! I loved this post, it was funny...

    Well, then you definitely wouldn't wanna live here in Singapore... It's sweltering here EVERYDAY!


  6. i looooove your blog amy aw!! e v e r y t h i n g you said is basically what i think 99.999% of the time in summer woah

    plus sushi erm YES


    1. awh thank you so much :3 and ahahaha awesome!

  7. The part about summer is so relatable! I was born in June, but I love winter. Summer is wayyy too hot and sticky. And a definite no to crocs!
    As for sushi..I've never tried it, and probably never will. The thought of raw fish just makes me...ugh. (These are my mother's exact words). Lol
    But sushi does look nice..I often make sushi plushies, but that's just about as far as I get with sushi ;)
    Happy summer! :)

    MJ // www.littlepandacrafts.blogspot.com

    1. seriously?? you do know that you can get vegatable hosomaki sushi? i'm vegan so that's what i have - you really should give it a go (:

  8. Oh, I agree! Especially about the soup part.... Soup is one of my all time favorite foods, but my mom NEVER makes it in the summer, not even when I get on the floor, beg for it, and then swear I'll take care of the family unicorn for the whole week.

    But the secret to wearing crocs? I happen to know. Two simple things will allow you to pull of crocs of your own: you must be under the age of 7, and your crocs have to be purple. Good luck ;P

    1. OHMYGOD FINALLY! i have waited SO LONG for the secret to pulling off crocs, but sadly i don't qualify, dammit.

    2. Aww darn. If only you had found out a tad bit sooner!!

  9. Whaaat I left a really long comment about crocs and my dad wearing socks and sandals and other summertime woes, WHERE DID IT GO?? D:

  10. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. :)
    Go over to my blog - thinkreadwritedream.blogspot.com - for your questions!