godstone vineyard

Guys I am so sorry for the lack of posts recently, but England's actually experiencing weather over five degrees for once. Weird, right? We're having a 'Summer' for once ~shrugs~ . So, because of that, I've been trying to soak up as much vitamin D as possible. Also, I have no real post ideas... Sorry.

Anyway, because I know how cruel it is to leave y'all to your own devices for a week, here's a small pointless post about Godstone Vineyard. Taadaa!*

So a few weeks ago I went to Godstone Vineyard with my family, and I honestly thought it'd be complete with a brewery and whatnot. Call me naive, but when we walked into an odd cottage-like setting, I was pretty discombobulated. It was pretty pathetic really - just a family home with some vines and overly expensive bottles of wine on the shelves. Buuuut hey, the woman let me take photos of her fields and grapes so.. yay.

These little label things are über cute though, aren't they? So I guess it wasn't all bad.



Field field field field.

I know this has no relevance to anything, but eh, I thought it was cool that the aeroplane was flying metres above the clouds. Somehow.


Field.... can you guess what's up next?

Bonus points if you said 'field' without questioning your life motives.

Okay so to take this photo I had to lay down on the ground and sort of twist my body to the side whilst trying to steady my hands... let's just say a few off looks were given that day.

~Doesn't even look at screen~ Field.

At the vinyard they had a load of small unformed grapes above the little outside café and just... aw. Cuteness.

Guys, in case you hadn't realised by now, there was greenery EVERYWHERE. I didn't think so many trees could co-exist together in such a small section of the Universe. Seriously, if you ever have some unknown urge to get suffocated by trees (somewhat ironic?), Godstone is the place to be.

Just... aw. Unformed grapes have some weird cuteness about them, right? Right?

And to top off the Godstone Vineyard Tour Of The Century - here's some jam jars. They had lots of jam jars. Lots and lots. Infinities, even. Neverending possibilities of jam jars, flooding the shelves of the vineyard. Quite impressive, really.

*You are... welcome?


  1. Field field field field field... :] We have a lack of those in Singapore. Did you get to taste the jam? It looks good. The packaging looks good, I mean. :P


    1. Really?! That's so odd aha xD
      And sadly no... it was a pretty pathetic vineyard!

  2. OH GRAPES. I LOVE GRAPES. Seriously, you could lure me into slavery with grapes (okay, maybe not...but maybe). Also jam is nice. With a spoon. Pft. Who needs to spread it on something when you can just eat it from the jar?

    1. Ahahaha, I'm sensing a bit of a grape love here?

  3. Wow, beautiful greenery!! ❤️ So gorgeous!

  4. Amyyyy!!! I missed you dear friend :)
    Sorry for not being here thank you for blog awards though.
    This post so lovely with the pictures my favorite is when the aeroplane above the clouds...so beaitufl.. and you are so lucky that you got a chance to to explore things in the field I always want to travel to europe because of the grapes field and wine company.
    I gt a job now so I'm not much blogging i should make schedule for blogging now.
    Thank you for sharing this..
    been thinking of you often

    1. I've missed you too Delvalina! But congrats on your job!
      And no problem, thank you :3

  5. I loved this post, great job on it, I love all the pictures, and the fields!!!! Sorry I haven't been blogging for so long... :(
    Love Grace xxx ♥