guest post - eve of womanhood

Hey guys!

Today I have a guest post from Eve of Womanhood - my blog designer - as a thanks for doing such an awesome job on The Blog Hermit! Here she is!


Hi everyone! My name is Eve, and I created a blog called Eve of Womanhood
If you want to check my design blog out then click here. Let me tell you a little bit about myself before I start talking about my design blog. I am a Christian, and I’m also homeschooled. I love blogging, designing, reading, drawing, and painting.

Why did I start a design blog?
Well for one thing I really enjoy doing it! I am also trying to get some practice so that maybe one day I could make it a career (web designing). So when you get a design by me, you’re not only getting a lovely design but you’re also giving me experience for what I want to do someday. I also always wanted there to be someone to design my blog in a professional yet unique way. All the big name designers charged lots of money. (that I didn't have) So then I took action. I didn't want to wait around for someone to do this. I needed to do something about it. So I started learning the language of codes. It was hard work but became something I enjoyed and later loved. Since I'm still learning, I basically started the design website to help those who wanted a design to call their own.

How much is a customized blog design?
It's FREE!

What if you don’t like the blog design I gave you?
  I'll do it over again! I want your blog to express who you are. :)

What can I do?
I can make a slideshow header
I can make a customized background
I can make your blog snow
I can make your side-bar have a border around it
I can design a customized header
I can make you a customized favicon
I can put your page tabs on top your header
I can center your page tabs
I can center your header
I can center your post title and date
I can make slide out links
I can make different hover effects
And more!

Here's some designs I've done!



  1. Oooo, you're blog designs are so pretty, Eve! If I ever get my blog re-desgined (which I will be doing at some point in the future - I like change :) ) I will definitely come to you! You're so talented. XD
    And Amy-Anne, you're blog is beautiful and amazing! I've just discovered it and have been scrolling through it for hours! I love it and followed straight away!

    Really hope you'll check out my blog, and maybe even follow (that would be such an honour!)

    Bethan :)

  2. God bless you always for helping others for free. It's true, there are some web designers that charge too much! Good luck with everything! ❤️

  3. Wow! Such pretty blog designs. No wonder you had her do yours Amy, it looks so good!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  4. love the blog designs, so pretty! yours is really cute, Amy--the coral colors look fab :)

    MJ //