no, i am not a robot, thanks for asking.

There's one single word that never fails to bring fear to all bloggers of the human race. Internationally, locally, singletarily - it is undoubtedly rage-inducing. These eight letters when combined can create the perfect mixture of both terror and heartbreak. What is this word, you may ask? It's easy. 


Ah yes. Captcha. The computerised system used to detect spam via comments, log ins, sign ups and website deterring. I'm pretty sure that every blogger in this industry has been exposed to this monstrosity at least one.

I have an active, spamless acount, and yet you Captcha continue to haunt me throughout my blogging journey. Oh Captcha, how irritating and time consuming you are. How I hate you so.

I love commenting on other blogs and joining discussions and everything, but the second I see a blog with word verification I am automatically disheartened. Even the very name, Captcha, sends chills down my spine. Seriously, why would you name a computer system after a means of, let's say, kidnapping? Geez Captcha, get yourself together!

Rant over, I just really dislike the abomination known as Captcha, and if I could I would ban it from computer screens all over the universe, no doubt about it.*

*Almost as much as comic sans.


  1. Oh man, i hate CAPTCHA too! I'm so glad I removed it from my blog. :)

  2. I agree BIG TIME!!! They are so annoying! Great post!

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons

  3. I know right!!! Captcha is such a turn-off! Everybody should take it off. It increased my comments when I was a new blogger and I wasn't getting many views yet.

  4. I agree with this sooooooooo so so so sos os much. God.. half the time I only go through with the comment because I've typed a lot. If I have only typed like one line then I just don't even leave a comment!