I know what I want to do when I'm older!! 

Okay so basically, previous readers of my blog would have read my statement where I summarized exactly what future jobs took my fancy ("actress, dancer, midwife, doctor, scientist, make-up artist, lawyer, judge, police officer, singer *sighs*, guitarist, journalist, vet, secretary *facepalms*, head teacher *shudders*, photographer, cook, illustrator, writer and rollerskating photographer *tuts*.."). However, bit by bit, I'd ruled them out, all except one - a journalist.

I've always loved both reading and writing, and journalism has always struck me as a good career to undertake. But before now, I've never really known which path to follow.

ALAS, after a LOT of Googling and reading and just overall research, I think I've found my dream job (woohooooo).

I want to be...

Wait for it...


Because, honestly, what could be better than travelling the world and getting payed for it?

So, to mindmap and plan out just exactly how this is going to work, I've made a time graph type thing.

2014 - 2015; Pass all eleven GCSEs of which I am currently undertaking.
This one, obviously is vital. Despite the fact that I don't agree with the British education system, I still need to conform to the rules. I'm pretty confident about this one, although for subjects such as Spanish (just.. ugh) it might be a tad hard to even scrape by a C.

2015; Get a greencard, apply for online A Level courses in journalism, fly to HAWAII - WOO!!
I read in Company magazine that you have to apply for a greencard before you reach 19? Is that true? Because I was actually thinking I should maybe apply now as it'll take a while to process (I'm guessing?), but I'm not sure as to how the whole thing works. It'll also be great if I could study at home, as I've been looking at a load of international courses that can easily be taken online where 
I could homeschool myself, which seems pretty cool. 
Oh, and I don't quite know what it is about Hawaii that makes me want to visit it so much, but can anyone remember the Lilo and Stitch film/ television series'? I've always loved it, and since it's set in Hawaii.. well I guess it's just had an impact.

2015 - 2016; Whilst undertaking A Levels, practise travel journalism, writing about Hawaii.
I was thinking that I could just simply write about my experiences, and maybe get an internship at one of Hawaii's institutes. However, the pay will be pretty low to begin with so I'm not quite sure as to what to do in that scenario - maybe take up hula dancing..?

2016 - 2017; Finish journalism course, start sending off travel articles.
National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveller - wherever there's work I guess. Just as long as my articles are out there and are read by brilliant people like you, I'll be happy. Hopefully, by applying to a varied range of travel magazines (especially those of which that were formerly mentioned), I'm hoping to find a single, respectable company that'll take me in. 

2017; A year of solid work (still in Hawaii) for either a single or a couple of magazines.
I thought it'd be easiest to stay in one part of the world to begin with, so that I can get steady on my feet, all whilst I'm still a teenager (and Hawaii seems pretty awesome). How naive does this make me?

2018 - 2019; Move countries, perhaps to Fiji or Africa.
Once I have a solid job and a healthy pay cheque, I think I can broaden my horizon. I might just lay low somewhere simple like Costa Adeje, but as long as I'm residing out of the UK I'll be fine (don't get me wrong, England's an alright place to live, but I want my life to be filled with culture and passion and music and food and sun, as of which are all typically pretty dull in this republic).

2020; Write for a solid set of travel magazines, happily exploring the world.
And then, finally, I can do what I came into this world to do - explore the world, meet new people, maybe understand their traditions and religions, go to volcanos and climb mountains, swim with sharks, try cultural food, and, obviously, bathe in weather of at least fifteen degrees celcius, ALL THE TIME. This would be my ultimate goal in life, and getting payed for travelling seems to be pretty awesome.

2021+ ; Branch out and stay in multiple different countries per year, writing about experiences, with a solid income, maybe set up a travel blog to expand on.
Japan, New Zealand, New York, Italy, Costa Rica, The Carribean Islands, Las Canarias - I want to do it all.

I'm aware of how far fetched this all sounds, but as long as I've done my research and I enjoy it, then I'm not all too worried about what happens from there.

Also, I've been Googling images of Hawaii {source}, and, well, let's all just admire their white beaches and hula dances and, most improtantly, their ohanas (I tried to embed a lilo and Stitch quote into this post, somewhat unsuccessfully), for a while, now shall we?

Hawaii has everything, as shown in this image here - palm trees, sand, sea, warm climate, city life, energy, volcanos.. As I said, everything.

The quality of this image annoys me, but just LOOK at it. LOOK AT IT. *sighs*, it's so beautiful.

Just casually dancing the hula. On the beach. In the hot weather. With blue skies above her head and a palm tree in the background. Hawaii is practically my Utopia. All it needs is James Blunt, and well, it'd be downright perfect.

Remember that what three things would you take if you were stuck on a desert island question, constantly asked by teachers at school (the education system is seriously in ruins)? Yes? Well, quite simply, I'd have palm trees, warm golden sand, and a Hawaiian lemonade shake. What else do you need?

HOW EXCITING DOES THIS LOOK?? I would give my left arm to be there right now. And my right arm, too. And maybe my legs and hips and neck and... I guess I should stop here.

Imagine this - you're just casually strolling down the beach when you notice your neighbours. They're there, wearing traditional hula wear, juggling flames, and dancing along to the beat of the dums, being played by ol' Lindsay from the corner shop. You say hey and join in, accepting it as a natural daily activity.

These people look happy exploring volcanos and lava and stuff in Hawaii, and if we ignore the fact that they're photoshopped in, it altogether seems to be a pretty convincing take on the island.

Need I really explain just how pretty dang cool this looks? NEED I??

Just... awesome.

Sorry for the ramblings, but let's be honest here - I just reached a milestone.

Just.. shush.


  1. I think that's a GREAT idea Amy!!! So happy you found the path for your future!

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons

  2. Wow, that sounds fantastic!! So glad you found out what career you would like to do. :)

    1. thank you - I am pretty chuffed about it!

  3. You are so welcome! :)

    I nominated you! http://hildald.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-sunflower-blogger-award.html

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    I love your blog too - and I wish I could come to hawai someday.
    Anyway, I'm following you now here
    about the question to editing my picture I used photoscape
    and it's in the garden of the district where I live.
    Yes I sewed that dress, that is my second dress that I worked

    1. you did a lovely job on the dress, and your district is gorgeous!

      oh, and thank you!

  5. I'm sorry to sound like a mum (I really do) but I would stay for sixth form if I were you just jobs are much easier to get with a levels and sixth form is so much better than senior school :) a levels are hard, but you're really good at writing so you'd rock english :)

    1. I am taking A Levels and all the qualifications one needs to fit in to this modern day patriarchal society, but I'll just be taking the course online, if you know what I mean? And thanks!