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DIY- Homemade lipstick 
(from crayons!)

Hi everyone, my name is Juli and I blog over at Just Pepperminty!
Amy-Anne was kind enough to consider me for her monthly guest post and here I am!
Thank you for letting me do this Amy-Anne:)

So, today, I'm going to be sharing with you all how to make your own lipstick. 
From crayons nonetheless!! 
This is actually super easy, and it's actually GOOD for your lips.
 Me and my sister made this shade with 'Red Violet' colored crayon and it's one of my favorites that she's tried! She's also done bright blue, and purple etc.
So if you wanna know how it's done, read on!

Here's what you need:

1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil // 1/2 teaspoon of petroleum jelly(aka Vaseline) // Crayola crayon color of choice // a water bottle cap to store it in (or any other small container you have on hand)

Other supplies used: Glass measuring cup// sauce pan

How you do it:
1: Fill your sauce pan with water five or so inches high, then put it on the stove at medium heat
2: Unwrap your crayon color of choice(you can also mix and match colors!), and carefully cut into small pieces like shown below

3: Set the petroleum jelly, coconut oil and crayons inside the glass measuring cup.
If you don't have have both coconut oil and petroleum jelly you can substitute one for the other.
note: I only needed two pieces of the crayon
4: At this point your water should be close to boiling, if it is turn it down to low and hang your measuring cup on the side like shown below. You'll want the water in the pan to come about half way up your measuring cup.
5: Stir until it becomes a smooth liquid then turn off the heat.
6: Immediately following, use a potholder to take the handle of the measuring cup and carefully pour into your lid or container

Now you're done!
Just let it sit until it has set, you can do this by putting it in the fridge or just leaving it on the counter- it doesn't take long!
You can now wear your awesome lipstick wherever you please :)


  1. Hey! A while ago you said you wanted to be a part of my blog party and I commented back asking for your email. You didn't comment back. Could you please email me at chocolatelover1099@gmail.com? Thanks!:)

    1. oh yes so I did, sorry I'd completely forgot!

      Emailing now!

  2. I have heard about this before!! Wow.. can't believe it really works!

  3. AWESOME!! I love the color, for the lipstick! This post is really helpful, nice job!
    Grace xx ♥

    1. it really is, juli did a really good job on her guest post!

  4. Wooo, that's awesome! I'm so gonna try it! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Ivana @ BookishTeens

  5. That's so cool!
    I love that you don't need a billion ingredients too, I'll probably be trying this!

    xo sarah <3