So a few weeks back I went to a place called Tenerife, which is a small island situated in the 'La Canaria'. I was going to post photos the second I got back to the UK, but I couldn't figure out how to transfer images on an SD card to my IPad (solution; spend hours sending each photo separately.. *sighs*), and then I couldn't chose my favourites so I uploaded them all onto the Flipagram app.
For those of you who fancy checking out my experience (it took about eight hours in total to make this so at least watch it out of pity..), here it is ~
Despite the (EXTREMELY RUDE) comments from nationals of Tenerife ('es muy blanca', 'pálido como la nieve', etc*), I had a great time. The food was amazing, the scenery was absolutely stunning, and best of all, the weather was H-O-T. Luckily, unlike previous visits to Tenerife, my skin didn't fry under the hot sun - partly because I only sunbathed when the moon was clearly visible in the sky.
Also, as Tenerife is a tourist capital, I found everything to be unreasonably under priced - I even bought a stunning new bag for under £4! So it was a shock to return to England to pay seven thousand pounds just for a can of Fanta (slight exaggeration).

Oh, and to those of you who realised that I had (once again) disabled comments from my blog - they are BACK UP. Please remind me to stop trying to fix things using various complications of technology, as I tend to break a large amount of online products.
*These are genuine comments. One man said the first quote, translated as 'she's very white', as he passed me on an antique Spanish street. The second one was said by my mother's friend (who owns a small, but AH-mazing restaurant), which translates as my skin being 'pale like snow'. To be fair, I have lived in England for at least four years, so I'm blaming my non-existent-tan on the UK climate.


  1. Thank you so much Amy-Anne! I don't really do blogrolls so it's entirely up to you whether you add me to yours or not :) I don't mind! Also I'm now following your blog :) cute pictures

    Anna x

  2. I love Tenerife! It's my new holiday destination. Sun, sand and it's reasonably cheap. I've been there 3 times over the last 3 years and I'm going there again this year :D

    1. Lucky! I've only been there three times in total, but already I've fallen in love with it.