Freely Adapted Movies; Twilight

So I've started reading the Twilight novels again, only to find myself comparing the books with the movie adaptations. And honestly? The films suck.

I mean, seriously. I never realised how strong a relationship Bella and Jacob had until I read the books. Before, I thought Jacob was clingy and whiny, but I was judging his story out of context - he really did love Bella in the novels.

And then, what happened to Embry and Quil? They were barely mentioned in the film, when they were pretty vital characters in the beginning of the novels.

Image credit; Google images

The books featured no field trip. No St Jude bracelet. No apple. No Waylon Forge. And you know what? It was probably for the best.

Either way, I've decided that I will try to read the novels before I watch the film adaptations.

Like me, have you ever been let down by a film adaptation? Or regretted watching the movie before reading the novel?


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  2. Not yet. The only book so far I read before the movie came out was "the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe" and the movie was right on. :)

  3. I always make a habit out of reading a book first... I can't even remember why, but at some point I was probably led wrong by a movie and now I never watch a movie first unless I know for certain that I won't read the book. Twilight is a good example of that though, the movies and books are very different and I think it's really the movies that made the books unpopular.

    1. This is so true. However, I found that movies for books like Harry Potter worked out quite well, although I'd still have preferred to read all of the books first.