Steampunk Ring by Duangkamol ~Review~

A massive thank you to Duang of Duangkamol for sending me one of her gorgeous resin rings for review. It is absolutely stunning.

"I am a self taught jewellery designer and working from home. Through small workshops and learning media channels, I started experimenting with different beads and techniques. 
I love working with gemstones as I am fascinated by the incredible journey of their formation under the earth, hence its natural energy, beauty and our spiritual meanings. Nonetheless, I am very conscious about the impacts of heavy mining on local communities and environment through growth of jewellery business. Hence some of my pieces are made with recycle materials which are mentioned in item description. With care I source my materials from a reliable sources via internet and also through my trip back to Thailand and India."

I am going to come straight out and say that this is now one of my favourite rings, and I wear it every day. The design is flawless, and I absolutely adore all of the sharp bursts of colour within the resin. They change as my lighting status changes, and illustrates every single colour imaginable, from greens to purples to yellows. The holder part of the ring is of a bronze colour, and doesn't irritate or stain at all. The quality is outstanding, with not a single blip or error. 

The sizing is perfect, and I wear it on my third finger on my lefthand, because I find that it fits perfectly there. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is probably the best piece of jewelry that I have ever come across in my fifteen years on Earth.

The ring came in a gorgeous little bag, and had been extremely carefully packaged, so there really is no reason to worry in the slightest about it not arriving in perfect condition. I received the ring quicker than expected, which was great as I could wear my new ring on my first day back at school after break. Customer service was brilliant, and Duang's Etsy provided me with all of the information that I would need to write the review.

"There is no rigid style of what are created from my shops and I believe most of the inspiration comes from within.
I'm a Thai by birth but had been studying and working in the UK. I living in a beautiful coastal town in Norfolk, Gorleston and share a little cottage with my husband James and a brindle greyhound called Amber. She is 6 year old and is our baby.
I practice Reiki, meditation and is a Buddhist."

The design is gorgeous and intricate, and I adore the steampunk design. The clogs are from inside of a watch, and fit in perfectly with the design. I am in love with this ring, and have had many compliments on it since it became my new favourite accessory.

This ring would be brilliant for a gift to a loved one (I would be incredibly grateful if someone were to give me something as purely gorgeous as this), or even as a gift for yourself, so you can enjoy such an inspiring design resting on your flesh.

The only thing that I found even remotely negative about this ring is the fact that it is adjustable. Of course, this is a great status for a ring to uphold, but I'm worried that if I stretch it I may not be able to set it back to the fitting that it was originally.

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