The Sacrifice

I know it's not very good, but since I haven't posted in a few centuries, I thought I'd try and win you back with a story*.

It's called The Sacrifice, and is for my English homework. Enjoy!

The cold night rain trailed down her pale cheeks, creating the illusion of tears. Raven-coloured strands of hair hung limply down her back, plastered to her skin as the light drizzle turned suddenly into a downpour. She gazed down at the limp body before her, a sight she'd promised herself she'd never see again. 
'I'm sorry,' she whispered to the sleeping corpse, before turning away and wiping dried blood down her dress.

'Mortalitus, I don't know what came over me. Please, I beg, forgive me.'
'Dear Venus, it is not I who you should beg forgiveness of, it is the Sanguis Domina. She shall not be pleased that you broke the Promise between us and the Humans.'
'Please, I realise what I did, and I must correct my errors.'
'As you know, there is only one thing you can do to undo your faults, before the Sanguis Domina takes her redemption out on you.'
'But, Mortalitus, I cannot find the human now! It's too late!'
'That's just the thing. The Living who you bit has already become cold blooded. You must find them, or the Vampyr legend will be in grave trouble.'
As Venus shakily tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, the Praeparator burst through the door.
'Mortalitus, Venus, there's news of a young Vampyr trolling the streets of Mississippi, seeking for a young human to quench his thirst. The Sanguis Domina is furious!'
Venus and Mortalitus exchanged glances, just as the Praeparator pulled out a document from his pocket.
'Venus, he has your DNA.'

Ripping the paper from his hands, Venus turned and ran out of the room. The early morning sun was glaring down at her, and at every footstep the heat became more intense. Lifting the paper to her face, Venus read.

Felix James, aged 17, reported missing from his home town in Scott, Mississippi. Just hours later, police came across a piece of Felix's clothing. After a sample DNA test, officer D. Bond tells us of a female DNA particle on the clothing, and blood stains through the fabric. He believes it may be a hit and run case, but with very little chance of Felix still being alive.

Venus, sprinting to the place of the murder, had a flash back of her first kill. Her best friend, her companion, her lover. Arctos. He couldn't cope with the change, and died on the spot. His soul taken in for testing by the Vampyr Lab, then destroyed. Venus, aged just 17, had been turned just the night before, whilst pregnant. The baby.. forever unborn.

Stopping, and staring down at the blood-stained concrete, Venus looked for clues as to where Felix could be right now. A single raindrop landed on her eyelash, and the leaves of the trees rustled and whined. The scent of blood flew her way. 

She spotted a trail of blood, leading to behind a rocky outcrop. Slowly, quietly, she followed it, stopping at the edge of a shallow cliff.
'Hello?' She called, pushing back a grey tree branch.
Movement behind the greenery stopped, and a face came out of the darkness.
'Venus?' It asked.
Gasping, Venus took a step back, her foot hanging off the cliff edge...


Latin Name Translations

Praeparator - Preparer
Mortalitus - Death
Sanguis Domina - Blood Mistress
Venus -Love
Arctos - Night


*Copyright to moi, no steals thankyouu!


  1. wow! rlly good! will you be writing anymore?

  2. Thankyouu! And I don't know... maybe?

  3. You're amazing at writing, not joking!! I was really gripped. :) you should defo become an author when you're older. :D Is there any chance you could check out my blog please?

    Thank you tons. :)xx

    1. Haha I don't think so, I normally give up half way when writing a story :L

      And yeah, sure! I love your blog name too!

  4. Your such a Talented writer! I hope you post some more of your writing - its anazing!. New follower - Love your blog sooo much xx

    Helena @

    1. Thank you so much, it really means a lot(:

  5. That's a really eerie and gripping story. Please will you write more? I'm totally confused about this change over thing happening
    "had been turned just the night before, whilst pregnant. The baby.. forever unborn."
    Just wow!
    P.S. I've changed by blog url and name, so if it isn't coming up in your reading list could you please unfollow then refollow through google friend? Much appreciated!
    Marian ^_^ x