Nailvarnish Revealed

Yesterday, whilst painting my nails a with my new jade NYC nailvarnish,  started to endure a coughing fit. I took a deep breath and... I coughed again. The nailvarnish fumes were making me cough, and this had never happened before. I immediately ran over to my IPad and Googled my nailvarnish ingredients. And what I found scared the living daylights out of me.

Formaldehyde. Used as a preservative, a sterilizer, and 
to embalm dead bodies. It's is where more of the 
smell was coming from. Also connected to lung and nasal cancer.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). It makes the nailvarnish flexible. 
Also used for rubber boots, shower curtains
hairspray, cling film, that sort of thing. Incredibly 
harmful to pregnant mothers and young babies, so countries 
such as Asia and Russia have made it illegal to be 
in any of their cosmetic ranges.

Toluene. Used in gasoline and as a raw 

explosive for TNT. But luckily, brands 
such as MAC, OPI and Zoya 
have banned it from their nailvarnish ranges. 

Acetone. Used in nailpolish removers, it is 

recommended not to use more than twice a month. Otherwise
it could start to attack the nail material.

The main gases found in nailvarnish attack the respiratory 

system, irritates the skin, and evidence has proved
it can cause many different types of cancer. It is toxic to 
the human body, being absorbed through the nailbed.

Whilst researching these facts, I came across a website 

which has a list of safe nailvarnishes. It turns out, my 
favourite NYC Nailvarnish ISN'T on that list. Check it out:

Still feel like applying that layer of Nailvarnish?

Always read the label!



  1. Wow...that's quite scary! :O

  2. woah, that's scary! I wear nail varnish a lot too.
    Glad you posted this, wouldn't have known about it otherwise D:

  3. Jeez. That's rather, uh, terrifying. I shall be adding that list to my favourites. Dear God. Thanks for telling us, Amy!