8 Ways To Make A Good Impression On Your First Day Of Work Experience

So, Friday was my first day at my new job! And it was good! But as it was just Work Experience, I didn't get a choice as to what I was doing. So, me being as brilliantly brilliant as I am, I came up with these clever little tips to help you survive your Work Experience.

1) Ask loads of questions. Once you've finished one thing ask what to do next; don't just stand there silently like a muppet.

2) Be confident. There's no point shuffling your feet and twiddling your fingers, TALK! Within the first few minutes my boss new my whole life story.

3) Don't complain. Even if you have to carry the Hoover down three flights of stairs (and it was a very heavy Hoover), no one likes a moaner!

4) Do everything better than better. They've hired you because you are amazing! It'd really suck if on your CV it says you are brilliant with cleaning and then in real life your spill bleach everywhere (which I found out if VERY painful as it burns the skin off your hands). So try your very best and make them proud to have you.

5) Your the lowest of the low, just like an Infant School pupil. Don't walk in as a stuck up snob with all your airs and graces unless you want a workmate to spike your drink or something.

6) Be prepared, and wear sensible clothes. I'd been taught from American sitcoms to dress for the job you want, not the job your going to get. But when I walked in in an Aztec jumper, a vintage jacket and pink rocker boots, I felt a slight overdressed amongst all the mops and dishes.

7) Imagine there's a unicorn in the room watching you, and you don't want to procrastinate or anything with the unicorn watching you now do you? So don't take a chocolate from their chocolate box or change channels on the radio, because you don't want to upset that poor unicorn.

8) Be nice and polite. Just like point 5), you don't want to make any enemies on your first few days.

And yes, some of these points related to me :/



  1. This post made me laugh :D

    1. Am I not the most hilarious person ever?(:

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  3. Lol! Thanks for the adivce, I'll remember this when I'm doing my work experience next year :D


    1. And remember Young One, the unicorn is very intimidating!

  4. I'll be doing work experiance next year and these seem like great tips! What job were you doing?