Big Bang Theory Hairstyles Laser T Shirt 3 Colours S-XXL DTG075

Baldeep Farmah of DTGprintz was kind enough to send me one of his Big Bang Theory Hairstyles Laser T Shirt 3 Colours S-XXL DTG075 shirts, to review on my blog, so thank you Baldeep!

"DTGprintz uses Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) which is a breathtaking piece of new technology. It’s a bit like a desktop printer but a million times better. It's amazing at accurately reproducing photos, illustrations and more complex full colour designs and patterns.
Since opening our own store on eBay and ETSY back in August 2012 we have shipped more than 1500 T shirts. We ship internationally to all countries using Royal Mail. All our clothing is packaged securely in waterproof bags. 

We have produced a range of designs all available in male and female keeping up with current trends. We regularly add new designs and always willing to help customers with bespoke items. We have the unique ability for customers to upload their own pictures or files and modify them with our online design software, if interested please check out You can even get our designs there and change the colours to suit your taste, add some text and even import your pictures from Facebook. The possibilities are endless. 

DTGprintz has opened up a new venture in helping others to open their own Shops. We provide everything, from website templates, to online designer software, to secure payment gateway and even a free domain name. What the cost? Nothing. You set the prices and earn the commission you want, we then receive the order automatically and then we print, pack and dispatch your items. The commission is automatically paid into your PayPal account. This is no risk no fee opportunity. It’s our business to help you with your business."

This shirt is inspired by the award-winning (my favourite) American sitcom - The Big Bang Theory, and I have to admit that I fell in love with it the second I saw it!

It is ring spun and 100% cotton, which means it's incredibly soft, and comfier than cashmere! The design is really bright and vibrant, and friends and family members even commented on how nice it is. The colours on the shirt means that it can be worn with anything, from red shorts to a brown leather jacket, and even yellow items of clothing (which is a hard colour to match!). 

Another thing that I love about this shirt is that not only can it be worn with any colours, but also any style. Match with wedges for a classy look, kitten heels for a smart look, or some sneakers for a casual look. Seriously - it'd go with anything!

It is blatant who the four characters are, so you can easily distinguish who's Sheldon, who's Rajj, and who's Howard, and especially Leonard by his inquisitive eyebrows. To me, this shirt reflects my geeky personality, because I am a total slave to The Big Bang Theory.

It is American sized, and although I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't fit, I found that it fitted perfectly. The sizing is perfect for me, and you may also find that sizing from the USA is more precise that UK sizing. That's what I thought anyway (:

Their sizing goes as follows:


Small 32": Chest 18" Length 26.5 
Medium 38": Chest 20" Length 27.5 
Large 42": Chest 22" Length 28.5 
XLarge 46": Chest 24" Length 29.5 
XXLarge 50":Chest 26" Length 30.5 


Small 10": Chest 18" Length 26.5
Medium 12": Chest 20" Length 27.5
Large 14": Chest 22" Length 28.5
XLarge 16": Chest 24" Length 29.5
XXLarge 18":Chest 26" Length 30.5

They do this particular shirt in black, grey or white, and if you check out their Etsy, you'll notice a LOAD of other lush shirt designs.

You can check out the exact product that I was sent HERE.

Their website is HERE.

AND, for being an amazing reader of Blue Scarf Girl, you can enter TH4NKS50 at the checkout to get 50p off your order at DTGprintz!

Again, thank you Baldeep for the amazing shirt!


  1. I just LOVE that t-shirt!!!
    Big Bang theory is one of my favourite tv shows!
    Marian ^_^ x

    1. it seriously is a COMPLETELY LUSH shirt, and the Big Bang Theory - AHMAZING.