Writing Tips Off THESE Faboo Authors..

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Karen King, author, gave me the tips of...

I've put some writing tips on my website but the best tip I think I can give you is to never settle for the first idea, keep tweaking it and stretching it until you come up with something really different.

And Julie Sykes, another author, said...

You're NEVER to old for any sort of book. I have friends in their 70's who still read and collect picture books. 

If you want to be an author then you should start now! Read as much as you can and lots of different genres. It's also good to get out and about as it makes your writing more real if you've experienced things - like walking in the wind or rain, playing in the snow, knowing how a town feels different from the country, the seaside etc. 

Write as often as you can too. Buy or make a notebook and write down things you see or hear that would make good story ideas. Names that you like etc. 

And keeping a diary is also a good thing for a writer to do.

Then Judi Curtin said...

1. Read lots
2. Practice writing whenever you can.

So there you go!



  1. Good advice! Please follow?
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