The Quiff..

A piece of hair, esp. on a man, brushed upward and backward from the forehead.

Now, we all remember the famous 'Quiff' from rock legend Elvis Presley, right? But do we realise how casual the Quiff has become? This laid-back hairdo has recently become a fashion statement, worn by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Cameron Diaz. Dating all the way back to the 1940's, the Quiff has appealed to a wide audience, but has now developed from the excessive, one-off coiffure, to the nonchalant, everyday style.

Now the fashion is to shave both sides of your head, leaving your fringe great and dramatic, and is considered to be a 'unisex' hairstyle. Colour such as theatrical blues and intense reds are now added to the tips of a Quiff, and is a hairstyle often spotted on the catwalk.

To achieve an 'average' Quiff, you need a tub of styling gel and a comb. Brush your fringe upwards, push slightly forwards, and gently slide back for the finishing 'curl'. Either use hair gum or a clip to  fasten the Quiff in place. Then just add some bright orange flares, and carry a portable boombox for the finishing look.



  1. Intéressant, je, cependant, ne ferait jamais ça à mes cheveux. Seriez-vous? Je voudrais également très reconnaissants si vous suivez mon blog. Désolé pour ma capacité française.

    1. You said... "Interesting, I, however, would never do that to my hair. Would you? I would also appreciate it if you follow my blog. Sorry for my
      French ability."

      I for one believe that Quiffs, like Afros, are awesome! And yes, I shall follow your blog! Vous êtes les bienvenus!

  2. Woah!
    I mean wow. You've really changed the look of your blog!
    I get that Mode is french for fashion (it is isn't it?) but what it papillon? I speak german, not french.
    So far, I'm not sure what to make of your sudden transformation but I am a fashion-lover so I should enjoy reading your posts.
    I'm going to miss life of an awkward donkey (sob)- "Farewell blog"

    As for the hair, I don't think I'd be brave enough to shave both sides of my head. I know a lot of girls in my year have shaved part of 1 side of their head and made the rest sweep to one side. It is a nice trend that has become very popular lately.
    Great post!
    Marian :D x

    1. If you read my last post, Updation, it should all be explained.

      But my old blog? Adieu, cher âne!