why you should add burano to your bucket list

Located in the Venetian lagoon, the small fisherman island of Burano has all the charm of the city of Venice, just without the bucketloads of tourists. Swap the hustle and bustle for this sleepy village filled with boutiques, cafeterias run by generation after generation of families, and local villagers with stories to tell.

The canals weave through the brightly coloured cottages, and every now and then you will stumble upon a small shop brimming with intricately woven lace - what the villagers pride themselves on the most. The traditions of Burano are still very prominent, and the fact it holds the most talented lace makers in the world is just a small part of the culture of the island.  Despite the gossiping widowers sitting in the sunshine on their patios embroidering lace like it's childplay, it's the buildings that tend to captivate visitors.

Burano is a fairytale village, lit up with an equal amount of colour and enchantment. The cottages are painted such wonderful colours due to the fact that when this village was completely off the tourist map, it's main income and way of life would be run by the fishermen. At night, they would return home after a long day out on a boat (often in sweltering conditions), exhausted, and be unable to identify which house was theirs. This eventually led to the villagers working together to paint their homes insane colours so that they could tell which was theirs, resulting in the beautiful postcard view either side of the canal.

The small bell tower, the Campanile, is visible from almost every angle of the island, reinforcing the traditional Catholic ideas that Italy has been so historically part of. What most written media on this place doesn't tell you, however, is that is also leans pretty dramatically to one side, depending on where you view it from. This makes it not only the #1 place to visit due to the colourful cottages, but also pretty up there with the Tower of Pisa. The best views are from the bridges on the East of the island.

If it's easy to get lost in the city in Venice and all it's rich history, Burano is a vibrantly painted maze. It's always worth it to get completely lost in a new place you visit, but when you're here, each turn makes you feel as if you've become a part of the stonework. It's a place untouched by time, and it felt woefully unnatural to bring out a camera whenever I felt the need to photograph anything. Plant pots and laundry hang from balconies with pastel coloured windowsills, whilst small boats dock from the other side of the houses. Every now and then, a rogue swan will flitter past - which offered a stark contrast to the backgrounds where I see them in London.

Burano is easily accessible via boat (say, 40 minutes from the main city of Venice), and if you visit, why not try other nearby islands such as Murano, Torcello, and Lido? Whilst none of them quite beat Burano, they're still well worth the visit. On the ride to and from these islands, you will also glimpse the Cemitero San Michele, the floating cemetery where Venice lay their dead. It's quite a wild concept to imagine having to travel a few miles via boat to see late family members. A full day boat pass is 20€, resulting in limitless travel around these islands - and an opportunity to tick some beautiful places off your bucket list.


  1. Such an amazing post!! Definitely will need to go here next time I plan a holiday. Beautiful pictures as well x

  2. It looks amazing. I love all of those colours ;) It's a nice change from monotonous gray cities ;) I'd like to go there some time ;)

  3. Burano does look like straight out of a fairy tale! The colourful cottages are just so lovely:) Love the pics you took.

  4. Burano looks so charming! With all the color, I would be in love. These sort of locations with a lack of tourists are the best to enjoy. :)

  5. Oh wow you really convienced me to visit Burano - what a pretty place! Fairytale-like as you wrote above. And I also like the "historic" facts you added, especially the unstraight house was very funny so I understand why many people visit it :D
    Thank you also for your sweet comment on my blog https://www.yourstellacadente.com/
    Have a nice day!
    With sunshine from switzerland

  6. OMG I can not imagine another place but this where I'd like to be right now!
    love these colourful houses :)

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  7. Looks amazing! Definitely a bucket list place.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. Wow your description about island is compelling !
    You provoked my heart this small Venice

  9. Oh wow I love this, I totally am into the colors of the buildings!!


  10. This area looks absolutely stunning! Oh my how I love the vibrant colors!

  11. Looks so pretty I never even heard about Burano till now!
    xo | Cindy Elena

  12. I've never heard of Burano before, so thanks for mentioning it because it looks absolutely lovely with all the vibrant colored homes and buildings! It does indeed look straight out of a story book. Thanks again for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead, beauty!



  13. I have never heard of Buranto, but it looks like an amazing place! <3


  14. Burano does look magical...thank you for sharing it...Now, I want to visit it. The colour are stunning.


  15. what a colorful place! looks like fun!


  16. This place looks so gorgeous.
    I love the colours of the buildings - I have actually never heard of Buranto.
    Set to Glow

  17. I'd never heard of Burano before. It's so nice and colourful

  18. Thanks a lot :D

    This place look so original and magic. OMG!
    I'm curious to visit!

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  19. Amazing pictures!! I would like to be there!!
    Mónica Sors

  20. ¡¡Hola Amy!! Me ha encantado esa historia de porqué las casas están pintadas de colores. El lugar me ha gustado, muy pintoresco, ideal para los turistas. Besitos.

  21. such a dreamy place. I've never been there, but I have to go there soon.

  22. Woooow, what amazing pictures! I love the colours, it looks so nice <3 Love, Leonie from http://eyeofthelion.de

  23. Oh my gosh those houses are the cutest! I could wander round this place snapping pictures all day I think! I've never heard of it either so thanks for recommending!
    Amy xx

  24. Ciao Amy...nice post!...every photo is as charming as a painting...cheers!

  25. My goodness, this place look amazing! Sooo colourful - I do want to go now!

  26. I had never heard of this place. The colours are amazing as are the pictures and just to think that its not crowded with tourists makes me smile and want to go there.

  27. Wow! This village is so vibrant and colorful! Very inspiring indeed!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  28. It looks like a fairytale village indeed! Ok you've totally convinced me to add Burano to my travel list!

  29. Can't say I've heard of this place, but it looks beautiful!

  30. Quite a place! I am lovi' the photos. Super post.

  31. Wow what an absolutely amazing place. Gemma x

  32. Great photos of burano! I was here about 30 years ago - and I still remember this colorful place!
    Hugs from Austria, Traude

  33. I'm from a small village and this place totally reminds me of that. It's really beautiful and will for sure remember to visit Burano.


  34. This place looks entirely worth visiting based on the colourful architecture alone - what a visually cheerful location, wow!


  35. What a cute little place!! I'll definitely add it to my list of places I want to go visit :)




  36. this city looks like such a heartthrob! how come I didn't know about Burano when I visited Venice :(

  37. Love the colourful shots, dear! xoxo

  38. AMY AMY AMY AMY! HEEEYYYYY! So great to read one of your posts! I jumped into this one because of the pretty colours (I'm five years old at heart) and it did not disappoint: such stunning photos! Take me to Venice waaaahhh. Anyway, how are you?!!! It feels like forever! Plz update me with all your news (ie uni plans?/what are you doing next year? I feel like you're the school year below me, so would be finishing school right about now, but maybe I'm wrong and we're in the same year?). Your comments in my absence along with Marian were sooo cute! So much love. <3 <3