liebster award #7 & #8

What? Amy's been nominated for another two Liebster Awards? People are still doing that? Whatttt??
In all seriousness though, thank you to Emily and Amelia for glittering this blog in another two Liebster awards - you guys rock!

~You can check out the other six Liebsters here~

Do y'all remember the rules?
- Give 11 facts about yourself.
- Answer the 11 questions you are given.
- Nominate 11 other bloggers.
- Set them 11 questions.
- Put the award button on your site.

But, as these two awards have been smooshed together in the same post, I'll choose 5(.5) of my favourite questions from Emily and Amelia to answer, smother you guys with 11 facts about myself, nominate 22 people aaand give you guys 11 questions each to answer. Phew. Tricky thing, that mathematics.

Let's go!

Emily's 5(.5) questions;

Which book world would you live in, if you could never return?
THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF HARRY POTTER, no doubt about it. I would love to learn how to fly a broomstick and work a wand and create potions and be around phoenixes and dragons and just, ugh, why is Hogwarts not real??? Also, according to Pottermore I'd be in Ravenclaw, which is obviously AWESOME NEWS (Ravenclaw's the best, kay?)! I would study pretty damn hard at Hogwarts, and I think I'd be good at doing all da magixx*, so Professors, if you're reading this, you should probably hurry up and tell me I'm a wizard.

What book have you been meaning to read forever but just not got round to?
The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom. It was suggested to me a few months back and I've really been meaning to pick it up. For those of you who don't know, The Timekeeper is a novel that shows that "instead of desiring more time, people should instead realize time is precious and should be used wisely". It looks fab.

What do you do when you're bored?
So there's a thing called Youtube...

What book did everyone else love, but you hated?
The Fault In Our Stars - it is just so incredibly overrated. It's 'sick lit' and is desensitising the very real issue of terminal illnesses and just ugh, I really disagree with some of the ideas that John Green is trying to portray.

Fictional crush?
Leonard Hofstadter asdfghjkl:

Amelia's 5(.5) questions;

Name the first word that comes to your mind.
Walkers. As in the crisps. As in cheese and onion. As in right now. Mmmm... 
*bats off distractions*

Which TV Show would you love to take part in?
That 70s Show - the clothes, hair and makeup is stunning, and to be with Topher Grace? IMAGINE HOW AWESOME THAT WOULD BE! Also, I'd love to go to Wisconsin some day, so that'd be convenient.

Who's concert have you never been to and would love to go?
*coughs* Ahem. The 1975, Ed Sheeran, James Blunt (soon my precious, sooonnn!), The Hoosiers, The Kooks, Daniel Powter, James Morrison, Green Day, The Foo Fighters (le cri) and The Stiff Dylans. All amazing artists who I would be over the moon to see in concert.

Summer or Winter?
Summer is evil, so that's pretty self-explanatory. Also, Winter is full of fun things like my birthday, Christmas, hot chocolate and warm fluffy socks. 

What is your favourite part of Autumn?

I love it when the trees change colour and bright orange, yellow and red leaves carpet everywhere you go - it's just so beautiful.

11 facts about myself that y'all are just dying to know;

1. I'm going to two concerts next month, UB40 and James Blunt, and I am so incredibly hyped - especially for James Blunt as the concert is in Brighton and we're going to stay over there for a night or two.
2. I'm currently typing this in my pyjamas on my sofa whilst watching That 70s Show and waiting for the kettle to boil.
3. At the moment I own three cacti, four sunflowers, a baby orange tree and a handful of newly sprouted tomato trees because I'm trying to be organic and they make my room look cool.
4. Yesterday I had a photoshoot with a lace jacket that a company sent me to review on here, which was pretty exciting.
5. I have a Spanish exam in a few days, and need to memorise TWO HUNDRED words. Impossible? I think so.
6. I only have 145 days left at my school until I am freeeeeee!
7. Tea triumphs coffee any day of the week.
8. Mila Kunis is a better rollerskater than me.
9. I watched Monsters University yesterday (I had homework to do so of course I had to procrastinate) and aw, baby Mike Wazowski is just the cutest thing. I felt so sorry for him when he was younger and no one wanted to be his class partner and he was left ON HIS OWN AT THE BACK OF THE CLASS. Holy crap the feels.
10. All the shops near me are selling Christmas decorations. Already. I swear we only just had Summer?
11. Dan is not on fire**.

My 22 nominees areee *drumroll*;
(This was really difficult, as I read so many amazing blogs that I absolutely adore. If I didn't nominate you this time then please don't get disheartened - stay around and you will almost definitely be tagged next :3 )

Priscilla has awesome writing poise
Sarah *whispers* she has an American accent!
Kelsi fabulous blog, fabulous posts
Natasha gorgeous blog design
Ivana super interesting posts
Anna posts are always upbeat and preppy
Lexi devours books, fun to read
July one of my absolute favourites from when I very first stumbled into the blogosphere
Naomi dark and mysterious design, love it
Cait posts are always hilarious
Bethan always good content
Cambria recently stumbled upon her blog, want to read more
Helen asdfgh super inspiring

Cristian new Spanish blogger, want to read more

Lera has flawless style
Sonja pieces together fashion perfectly
Miharu everything is so kawaii and cute
Wenny love her style sooo much
June newish blogger, want to read more
Els such an organic, down to earth blog 
Lucy also a newish blogger, want to read more

My, um, 11 questions for the 22 *raises eyebrows* nominees;

1. You're left alone in a room with Queen Elizabeth, John Green and Justin Bieber. What do you do?
2. What do you do on an average weekend?
3. What's your favourite hot beverage?
4. If someone offered you a trip to Antartica, but you couldn't take any of your own stuff and had to hope that they had food and water and electricity there, would you go?
5. If you could be in anyones house right now, who's would it be?
6. What do you want to be when you're older? Why?
7. What would you do if you woke up and your whole family had disappeared?
8. Are you the sort of person who can touch their toes?
9. Do you watch Youtube? Of so, who do you watch?
10. Rain or shine?
11. If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Now, go go go!


*I will never say that again, promise
**That was an attempt at me trying to be funny.... sorry.


  1. Thank you so much! I'm very flattered, and it'll be fun to answer the questions! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for nominating me! I'm doing for sure:)
    Blog on // June

    1. No problem! Don't forget to link me to the post once it's up! :3

  3. Hey there! Congrats on the nomination! I actually haven't read The Fault in Our Stars, so... Haha YouTube is the only thing I do when I'm bored >_< ! Leonard Hofstadter <333

    I reeaaally want to watch Monsters University! And I always do my homework during the film! :)

    xox Yasmine ~ Cloudy Dreams

    1. You are NOT missing out on TFIOS, let me tell you! >_< And that's the funny thing - the film distracted me so I didn't end up writing my homework in the end anyway!

  4. Thanks so much for nominating me! And saying such a nice thing about my blog :)

  5. Thanks so much for nominating me! And saying such a nice thing about my blog :)

    1. Sorry I posted the comment twice, my computer was screwing up haha :)

  6. Thanks for nominating me! Look forward to answering these! xxx

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  8. Thank you for nominate me! You are awesome! *going to answer these questions* :3

  9. Hi sweetie
    You deserve it
    Maggie D.
    <a href="”> Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion Blog </a>

  10. Thanks for nominating me Amy! I've never done any of these before even though i've been nominated a few times but I definitely want to get this one done! And as usual, I love your answers! P.S., Pottermore says i'm Ravenclaw too :) *happy dance*

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons

  11. Nice post :)

  12. Aw, thanks for the tag!!! XD I like your questions for us tagees, but all I can think of for #1 is: I would run out of the room. >_< I'm super shy! XD

    Memorising 200 words of Spanish? Gosh I'd die if that was 200 words of English. MY BRAIN IS SWISS CHEESE. But interesting swiss cheese, so it's not all bad. Aw, Ravenclaw. I'm Slytherin. DON'T ASK. I JUST AM. *trudges wearily to stand with the villains* I honestly promise I'm mostly a nice person.

    1. Ahaha that's hilarious xD And mm, I would really love some swiss cheese right now... Thanks for the reminder :P

  13. Ahhhh a fellow Harry Potter fan! I love this post and your blog is so cute! I followed your blog and it would mean the world if you would follow mine back!

  14. Congrats!! Nice to know more about you!! :) I've been wanting to read the Time Keeper by Mitch Albom too. People say it's nice. I've read one of his books and it was good!
    Visit my blog? We can follow each other if you want, just leave me a comment!

    Sammie || Bloglovin

    1. Ooh which book was it? And sure, I'll let you know!

  15. I love winter, too!! The snow, trees, lights, and CHRISTMAS! Happy (reaaaaaallly) early birthday! LOL :) Love your blog!

    Cathy // HELLO, CATHY

  16. Thanks SO MUCH for nominating me!! Love your blog by the way, it's adorable.
    Your post was awesome, great way to get to know you better :) Also, I want to go to an Ed Sheeran concert too!:(((

    Thanks again,
    Cambrie @ and so the book begins (

    1. Awh thank you :3 And it's okay, it wasn't too difficult to nominate you c;

  17. Aw yay! I would love to see Ed Sheeran too!!
    I feel like Christmas is around the corner haha so excited!

    1. It's really snuck up on us this year, hasn't it?

  18. lol, me too, when i get bored then just open instagram or youtube :))

  19. Nice post!

  20. 'Christmas, hot chocolate and warm fluffy socks' .. YES! I can't help but giggle a little, as I'm sat here wearing blue and white striped fluffy socks, with a mug of hot chocolate beside me and a Christmas advert just showed on the television (and I nearly cried with excitement). It was lovely getting to know a little more about you! :)
    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


    1. Christmas adverts? Already?! I feel like it's still too early in the year!

  21. 145 days to your end of school?! So blessseedd :)
    And *nods heads to* "Dan is not on Fire" and Fact #7.
    But, realllyyy reallly THANK YOU for the nomination. Because honestly, I don't deserve it but you are just wayy too sweet :3 I promise to do it sometime soon :)
    xx. pris
    over the rainbow

    1. Let me know when you do! And yes, somebody got my Dan is not on fire reference! ^_^

  22. Whaaat did my comment come through?? The internet is seriously acting up. I blame the fact I'm in Singapore.

    If it didn't, here is a brief history of Emily's Comment:
    -- thank you for not nominating me (cap locks were used)
    -- your lace jacket sounds snazzy
    -- many people have put TFIOS as their answer to that question
    -- I actually loved it
    -- but I agree it got too much hype.

      You are welcome for not being nominated (I think), snazzy is a good word, TFIOS is only about 95% awful so that's cool.

  23. Well, congrats for another award! Wish you a lovely day!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  24. Wow, nominated 8 times? Way to go! Lol. I think we'd all prefer to live in the wizarding world, and high-five to my fellow Ravenclaw sister! ;)
    Also, I love everything Big Bang. Great post! Followed via email.

    Brittany @

    1. Ahaha thanks c: And WOO RAVENCLAWS UNITE!!