*Superman themetune*

Hey guyssss, ya'll remember me? *tumbleweed flows onto stage*

So I haven't abandoned you guys - I was away in Turkey for two weeks and my Blogspot malfunctioned, resulting in a lack of posts and love and stuff. Sorry. Buuuut I'm coming back with a bang! 

Yesterday, a guy called Steve came into my class and it was THE BEST LECTURE I'VE EVER HAD. Guys, you don't understand how interesting it was: all about subconsciousness and how to change your life and activate more than 15% of your brain and just ugh, it was so immensely awesome.

Soooo, I've decided to make a few changes around this town *cracks stirrups*, starting with you! Or, The Blog Hermit, to be precise. You guys don't need to change, YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE. (Yesterday was super inspirational guys ^_^ )

I am going to get more involved with Twitter
Follow bloggers, RT fellow blogger's posts, find new blogs, be surrounded by constant blog talk.... Follow me at @amyannewilliams and I'll love you for ever and ever.

I'm going to change my blog design
Although Eve did a wonderful job, I did a bit of research and combined a load of blog elements that I love to come up with a template.

If we ignore the quality, this is the sort of thing that I'd like to have as a constant theme. Any suggestions for designers/ improvements?

I'm going to qualitify my photos
Basically, what this means is simply that I'm going to use interesting, bright, 100% in focus photos on my blog, uploading from Jayze on a regular basis, although I admit that this will be a little hard until I get my new Macbook (squeee!!). I'm also going to take a good photo of myself to add onto this blog, however hard it may be.

I'm going to co-direct a blog e-event with someone
I'm not saying much for now, but if anyone's interested in a blog collab thing, let me know. (I HAVE SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!) I hope you guys love it - if anyone wants to blindly get involved, comment below!

So yeah, things are hopefully going to get a bit better over here. I'm going to buy some more business cards, read more blogs, comment more on said blogs, and just involve you guys a lot more. It may take a few months to get things the way I'd like, but once we reach 2015 The Blog Hermit should be up and running. Wahayyyy!!

^I need to get a proper signoff *sighs*


  1. I'm really excited to see how everything comes together over the next few months, Amy! All your new ideas sound great!

    -Sophie :) x

  2. Very nice post but don't change your blog design!!! It looks amazing already. How did you get it made? Hehe. I love your blog title and your blog in general. xx


    1. Thank you, a blogger called Eve made it! But I'm not sure... I think I'd just like a bit of a change, you know?

  3. How was Turkey?? Are you going to post some pictures from your trip because I totally think you should.
    Ok, so I have a question. How do you get those little circle shapes with your social media links connected onto your blog? I've been trying to figure that out...
    I can't wait to see how your blog looks when it's layout is updated. I love when bloggers switch it up every once and a while! And about that collab thing, how much would the person involved have to commit to?
    Good luck with the whole transformation!

    1. Turkey was awesome thank you, but trying to narrow down the 2,098 photos to about 500 to post is proving very difficult >_<
      About the circle things - I don't actually know ahaha. My plan was just to ask someone who does...
      Oh, and for the collab I was hoping to *whispers* start a project with someone to raise awareness for teenage bloggers, just get (hopefully) at least 50 international bloggers to join in with a weekly tag and a Twitter series, etc etc.

    2. Oh wow, you took a ton of pictures....
      And haha, that's ok. Can you let me know once you do figure it out (if you remember)?
      That sounds awesome! I would be willing to give it a try if you need me. Just let me know :)

  4. Hey Amy!
    So glad you're back, can't wait to see pictures!

    Also, I'm currently trying to build my portfolio, so I'd love to design your blog for you (for free :) if you'd like!
    I also tweeted you letting you know I'd love to be apart of the collab!


    1. Thank you, that would be awesome! Could you email me?

  5. Amy! :D Happy to seee yoooouuu agaaaiiinnnnn [read in Finding Nemo whale voice]

    And, I WOULD LIKE TO BLINDLY GET INVOLVED! I understand I might be a lil bit late to this party, but, uh, I would! (Bearing in mind school and stuff.) :D

    1. Awesome - I'll let you know what's happening!

  6. Glad you have everything well planned out. :) hihi Can't wait to see your new posts.
    Visit my site? Let me know if you did. xx

    my blog

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  8. Hi Amy I would love to get involved in the collab as part of my blog relaunch. Good luck with the design transformation.

    1. Awesome! There's a few months to go yet but I'll let everyone know via this blog!