checking off #85 from my bucket list - swing through the air on a trapeze

Turns out that I obviously dented enough brain cells in the air to make a graphic for this post

Unlike most people I didn't start trapeze lessons because I wanted to overcome a fear of flying, heights, or jumping off of things with only my hands stopping me from plummeting to the ground. I didn't do it because I'd recently gone through a bad break-up and wanted to rediscover myself, nor because of a crumbling mortgage, mid-life crisis, or horrendous divorce like a bunch of other people that take it up. No, my reason for starting trapeze lessons was much more reasonable and practical than that. I started trapeze lessons so that I'd have a solid back-up plan if I failed my exams - join the circus.

why you should never visit wales ever

You know what I hate? Wales. London is incredible in regards for the three things it's good for (auditions, The Hard Rock Cafe, and Instagram photos), so in comparison you can only hate Wales and all the things it has to offer. Imagine, the businessmen don't look dead inside! People apologise when they run into you! People don't hate their jobs and livelihoods! If England had more sheep, I might consider it a better contender for #1 place to avoid at all costs, but alas, I am Welsh after all.

8 tips for female travellers going solo

For a bunch of us, solo travel is one of the most intimidating things we can imagine. And when you factor in the idea of travelling alone as a woman, it suddenly becomes downright terrifying. As a female, I've grown up with the mindset that going out on my own is scary and unsafe in the places not too far from me, let alone if I were to start striding cross-country. 

a stressless move with ascent bath bombs

Right now, I sit in a very beautiful home that's lacking paint, furniture, and my dog's bed, as I am literally fleeing England. Later this year, I will be studying in my favourite country ever - Wales - meaning that my family and I are currently packing up our whole house to move cross-country. So far, I feel great about the move, as I really can't stand England (just thinking about London makes me ache), and have so much love for Wales that I'm relieved to finally go home. 

why you should visit a buddhist temple at least once in your life

A year ago marked my fifth year living in London, and it was killing me. The mundanity of life in the city with its endless stream of grey people with grey lives always rushing to be somewhere, was really getting to me. Considering I'm from Wales (think beaches, cute lil communities, mountain views, lots and lots of cake), the big sights of London really started to grate after a while. And so, I decided to set out to explore the more hidden parts of the city, that would be devoid of both tourists and mundane businessmen with little black briefcases. This is when I found the Buddhapadipa temple.

why you should add burano to your bucket list

Located in the Venetian lagoon, the small fisherman island of Burano has all the charm of the city of Venice, just without the bucketloads of tourists. Swap the hustle and bustle for this sleepy village filled with boutiques, cafeterias run by generation after generation of families, and local villagers with stories to tell.

How to stay protected as a blogger with AVG Antivirus

Due to the sheer amount that I spend travelling, I often find myself blogging on coaches or on apps I found on my phone, and frankly, it's a tad dodgy. So you can imagine how chuffed I was when I came across a free antivirus app called AVG Antivirus - which I've already fallen completely in love with.

Venice and Verona - A Photo Diary

Venice. None of it has been unexplored, nowhere is void of tourists. Everything has been said.