how to make a crayon melt poster

It may sound trivial but I've always wanted to make a crayon melt poster, and when I was clearing out my room a few days ago I came across my old art set - what d'ya know - full of crayons. I was suddenly in such a rush to make one and blog about it that I sort of completely eradicated the idea of reading some instructions first, sooo I've made this post up but hey, it worked reasonably alright all the same.

I also recently downloaded an app called Capture, where you can edit together videos for your Youtube channel. It is really really really good, and despite my crappy IPad photo quality I thought I'd make one for this tutorial thing. Unfortunately, you can't add a voice over to your Capture video, but you can get a load of royalty free music playing over the top if it so it's not all bad.

If you ignore how awful the whole piece-together of this video is, you can sort of get an idea of how I made my poster.

You will need:
- Crayons
- Card
- Glue gun (with glue)
- Hairdryer
That's it!

Step one:
Gather your assorted crayons.

Step two:
Peel your assorted crayons.

Step three:
Align your crayons around the border of the card.

Step four:
Glue the crayons piece by piece onto said card.

Step five:
Pick up your hairdryer and watch your crayon civilisation melt.

Step six:
Realise too late that the wax spits everywhere and is very hot when that happens, so hurridly place floor protection down, and move the IPad a bit further away, picking off spitlets of wax from the screen (oops).

Step seven:
And just as my Youtube Capture video states, you have your crayon melt poster! 
(I didn't photograph it as a whole before I uploaded Jayze onto my Toshiba, but you can see the finished product in my video.)

Taadaa! You now have a beautiful masterpiece (sigh) to show to your friends and family!

-- I am currently in a small town in Wales, hoping this scheduled post published and is now online. If it is, comment something nice for when I get back, and I'll be sure to return the favour :) --


  1. Wow, awesome! I love the artsy look it has!

  2. So totally gonna do it... ^^


  3. I love this! :D Now I know what I could do with the five pound box of crayons that are sitting in my room... ^.^

    xoxo Morning

  4. So cool!
    We used to have a ton of crayons from when I was younger, now I wish we had kept them!
    Keep up the good work Amy! :)


  5. Love it! I've always wanted to make one of these! You can direct the flow of the wax by blocking it with a bit of cardboard - I saw one where the person had done that and then put an umbrella in the gap with a couple under it ^_^ (sorry if that description was rubbish. You may not be able to visualise what I mean. But Pinterest would tell you!)

    1. Emily - that is such a great idea! Ahahaa, thank you!