The final day of the first weekend of the first week back at school, after two completely amazing weeks off. I had a gazillion sleepovers, went to a gazillion sleepovers, went to the cinema a gazillion times, bought a gazillion things, and on the weekends I worked at this golf club food place for a gazillion hours.

And a few days ago when my cousin stayed over, we did eachother's make-up. I think they went quite well, execept that we were both the Joker. Let me tell you, when we walked back into the living room everyone was a bit taken back.

It took ages to scrub it all back off!

Is everyone back at school or am I the only one suffering this sudden lack of freedom?

Imogen in colour, me in black&white:


  1. aaaah! Scary make up! But yet u still look good :)


  2. wow! Scary! Lol!
    Any more updates on Britains got Talent???

    1. I forgot about BGT haha:L Yes, they accepted but I declined(:

    2. nooooooo!!!!! I was hoping to see you on it! lol