*Another vampire book!!*

My twenty-sixth review is Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan. It's book one in the series.

By pure luck he catches the ticket, by pure luck he sneaks to the circus, by pure luck he wasn't eaten of savaged, by pure luck he gets away with stealing Madam Octa, by pure unluckiness, Darren's best friend dies..

When Alan comes into school with a bit of paper one morning, Darren sees no reason to be excited. But then when he opens the paper, it turns into a glorious poster full of things he was sure didn't exist.

But there are only two tickets, and there are four of them that want to go. As a sudden instinct, a bit of destiny tells Darren to open his hands and close his eyes, and that pure luck hits him straight in the face.

But then Darren finds out how much Steve wants to kill him, and so Darren subtly turns into the murderer himself. Though he isn't the murderer, he isn't the bad guy. Bad guys normally have to have a pulse to be classified as bad, right? And Darren does one thing no mortal should ever do...

make a deal...


This book was really good, I'd rate it 8/10 and recommend it for 12+ as some parts of the book are a bit gruesome... The part that freaked me most about this book was because the character's name is the author's name, so it's a bit like reading the author's diary. Though I really hope it isn't his diary...

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