"amy you should be blogging"

Yes, I know I should have blogged two days ago, and I feel super bad about leaving you guys to your own devices for a handful of centuries. I would just love to be able to blame this lack of posts on my studying, but the truth is that all I have left is a speaking Spanish exam and, well, I've recorded a lot of HIMYM episodes on my TV box. Yes, I have finally admitted that I have a problem when it comes to American sitcoms.

But as the old  saying goes, watching too much Neil Patrick Harris melts your brain (right?), and in this case, I think it might have done. Literally, my blogling inspo has all fizzled out, and despite having a booklet of all my ideas somewhere in my room, it is just that - somewhere, in my room. I tidied it today ~distant cheering~ but I think it must have borne into some untamed corner of my room, amongst wild pencil cases and socks.

So, here's what I've been getting up to, excluding studying ~ahem~. Welcome.

Spent a long weekend with Luke Cutforth. 
On an unrelated note, I also contemplated my life choices, wondering if I have too much time on my hands and too little friends. Hm.

Went shopping and realised that 1; I have a shopping problem. I'm meant to be saving for France but instead spent £50 on clothes, including that above. 2; I really like bows, like, a lot. From now on I'm going to try to incorporate a bow into every one of my outfits, like Miranda Priestly and her Hermes scarves. Don't laugh. And 3; I just noticed that I don't like my smile. Mehh.

And then had sushi... 
And prawns.

I suddenly realised that I don't understand life. We go to school, we're thrown into an education, then forced to go out and work and pay bills and stuff, then it's expected that we get married and raise our spawns* AND THEN WE DIE. This infuriates me so much, just... UGHHH. Opinions?

I really like the Draw Something appmabob. If ya'll want sketches like this, send me a drawing at itsamymush. And, to answer your questions, yes I am totally addicted.

Happy Saturday!

*oops, I mean children.


  1. You can have a burger on certain days if you like. ;) and I used to think that too about life. Glad that is out of my mind.

    1. ahaha thank you!

      and ugh, I can't stop thinking about about it!

  2. Ah, yes the Great Mysteries of Life. I'm pretty sure I'm going to ignore all that adulting stuff and just Do Stuff. I really want my life to be full of Doing Stuff, to be honest. x)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

  3. Well, it is very hard to fores yourself NOT to eat anything at the shops, when I go to the shops I CAN'T help but by a slab of chocolate!!! ☻☺
    I hope you understand every thing soon because i got nothing!!
    Grace x♥x http://gracequita.blogspot.com/

    1. I know right!
      And ahahaha I'll keep you updated!

  4. Ah, school. Don't we all love it. I love that Tumblr post ... like, a lot. I don't know what it's from though!