Shoes In The News..

Roll up, roll up! Laaaadies and Gentleeeemen! 

For today's post I shall feature some new shoes I read about in the news.

First up is the Backwards Heel...

Although I am usually supportive of designers and their unique tastes, I think this is taking it to the extreme. Granted, these shoes make the muscles in her legs stand out more, but she looks a right numpty trying to walk in these shoes. It's curling back her toes, and let's face it, it isn't the most appealing of footwear.

And lastly, the Tarantula Shoe.

A bold and daring statement for today's society, this shoe holds a living tarantula. Since the 1970's when Goldfish Shoes went out of fashion, designers have been musing over their next live creation. This shoe is now classified as the 'World's Most Dangerous Shoe', and people are puzzling whether or not it's actually against animal rights or not. 



  1. not that this has anything whatsoever to do with the post, but a while back I placed in a blog button contest, and one of the prizes was a guest post. I was wondering, when do I get to do that?

    1. I have it on my calender for the 28th February for Swap That Blog.... But we can do it sooner if you like?

      Will you be entering my new blog button competition?

    2. No that's fine, I just wasn't sure when :)
      Though I warn you, you may want to remind me a week in advance, or I might forget to do it xD

    3. And I'd really love to enter, but you said I had to be in the UK? :S

    4. Sorry I can't remember, do you live in the US?

  2. Scary Shoes!! Great Post - Just found your blog and it is amazing!!!!!!

  3. That's horrible! I can't believe people would put a live tarantula in a shoe just for the sake of 'fashion'. They are living creatures, you know!